SaludBox born to put into practice the gained knowledge at the most modern, dynamic and technological pharmaceutical industry. This is the reason it leads a dietary supplements project. Undoubtely, SaludBox is built on an intense investigation and product development with the purpose of satisfying the necessities of a more demanding market.

Our healthy supplements are made with certificated and guaranteed raw materials subjected to high-level controls (quality, chemical, microbiological) in order to guarantee all the advantages specified in the label.

The attractive format of our dietary supplements helps the absorption of the assets in the organism through the oral route The advantages are the following:

  • FAST: Helps the QUICK action of the assets
  • EFFECTIVE: A greater quantity of the active ingredient is absorbed: EFFECTIVENESS in the organism
  • ADHERENCE: Facilitates ADHERENCE to the treatment because it is EASY TO TAK

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SaludBox is a company speciallized in innovative dietary supplements. Our objective is to make available our products in many different countries. If you are interested in distributing SaludBox products, contact us. 

Address: Avda. Barcelona, 245

08750 Molins de Rei (Barcelona)

Phone: +34 93 680 28 94

E-mail: hola@saludbox.com

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developed in barcelona


Avda. Barcelona, 245
08750 Molins de Rei (Barcelona)