Healthy gummies


Sweet things never made anyone bitter. Or so they say. That’s why we believe that our healthy jellybeans, made with natural pectin of pharmaceutical quality, can offer our customers a pleasant way to take care of themselves. A moment of pleasure, away from the classic intake of dietary supplements in the form of tablets, which help adherence to treatments. Whether you are looking for beauty remedies, improving concentration or a bonus of vitamins for your children, this is your place.




SaludBox helps you to feel more beautiful.

Do you want to minimize the effect of skin aging? Our healthy jellybeans, with Collagen and Coenzyme Q10, will help you delay aging symptoms and will help you to increase the elasticity of your skin and add a reinforcement of antioxidant substances to your body. Feel beautiful with SaludBox Beauty!



Do not forget anything.

Do you need a boost with your studies? Whether you are an ESO student, a university student or you are preparing public examinations, we recommend you Memo. They are healthy, fruit-flavoured jellybeans for all those people with a high intellectual requirement who need a plus of concentration.

VitiMax Kids

VitiMax Kids

Extra vitality.

Do you want to develop the immune system of your children? Give them an extra of energy with the healthy VitiMax Kids Gummies. This dietary supplement is aimed at children from 5 years of age. It is a combination of vitamins that helps to stabilize the nervous system, helps to improve the cognitive system, and helps to develop the immune system.

Your SaludBox Pharmacies

¿Do you know where to find your SaludBox food supplements? Our products are distributed in pharmacies all over spanish territory. Check our map of pharmacies to locate the one which is better for you.