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Do not know about SaludBox yet?

SaludBox motto is HappyHealth. And it defines perfectly what we intend to do: to care you in a pleasant way. Our dietary supplements –healthy chewing gum, chewable tablets and chocolate sweets– fulfil a double purpose: they help to strengthen your health and they offer you a moment of pleasure.

Sublingual Way

The attractive format of our dietary supplements helps the absorption of the assets in the organism through the sublingual way. The advantages are the following:


Helps the QUICK action of the assets


A greater quantity of the active ingredient is absorbed: EFFECTIVENESS in the organism


Facilitates ADHERENCE to the treatment because it is EASY TO TAKE

Your SaludBox Pharmacies

¿Do you know where to find SaludBox dietary supplements? Our products are distributed in pharmacies all over Spanish territory. Check our pharmacies map to locate the one closer to you.
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