Strong and healthy

It helps reduce tiredness and fatigue.
It helps to have good defenses.
Improves symptoms of anemia.


Strong and healthy

Have you got iron deficiency? Ferrum chewing gum guarantees an improvement in iron levels in blood. Our product is peppermint flavoured, in order to help cut down on the bad taste of this kind of dietary supplements.

Healthy chewing gum with mint flavor directed to all those people who have a level of iron lower than usual and athletes.

Alimentary complement of which base of Iron (contributes to the transport of oxygen around the organism and to reduce the exhaustion and the fatigue), Folic acid (contributes to the formation of structural proteins and hemoglobin) and the B12 Vitamin (intervene in the formation of the RBCs).


  • Helps to reduce the exhaustion and fatigue.
  • It helps keep defenses, keeping our immune system in good condition.
  • Improve the symptom of anemia.

Ingredients properties:

  • Iron: Indispensable for the formation of RBCs and reduce the exhaustion and the fatigue.

Nutrients                                 Quantity of dose per day (VRN*)
Iron                                                          14 mg (100%)
Folic acid                                               150 mcg (100%)
Vitamin B12                                            2,5 mcg (100%)


  • It is recommended to take 1 chewing gum per day independently of the meals.
  • The alimentary complements must not use as a substitute of a varied and balanced diet.
  • Keep away from the kids.
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
  • It doesn’t contain lactose.
  • It doesn’t contain sugar.
  • It doesn’t contain gluten.

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