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SaludBox born to put into practice the gained knowledge at the most modern, dynamic and technological pharmaceutical industry. This is the reason it leads a dietary supplemets project. Undoubtely, SaludBox is built on an intense investigation and product development with the purpose of satisfying the necessities of a more demanding market.

Our healthy supplements are made with certificated and guaranteed raw materials subjected to high-level controls (quality, chemical, microbiological) in order to guarantee all the advantages specified in the label.

All the production stages follow a rigorous process of fabrication according to good operating practices. Accodring to the philosophy of the company, SaludBox presents the supplements in chewing gums, gummies and chewable tablets.

Carlos Alfonso

Carlos Alfonso

Business Development Area

Prior to which he spent 4 years as Ferrer Group Trade Marketing Manager. He has been working in the Marketing and Sales areas in several National and International laboratories, developing part of his professional career in different European and Latin American countries.

Jordi Cebrian

Jordi Cebrian

Operations Area

Dsinco Parafarmacia General Manager for the last 9 years, prior to which he spent 4 years as Manager at CIRSA. During 8 years he held various executive positions at DSM. He holds an MBA by IESE and has extensive experience in the pharmaceutical distribution sector.

Dr. Joaquín Tejero

Dr. Joaquín Tejero

Technical area

SaludBox Technical and R&D + i Director, prior to which he was Technical Director in Bicentury and in Serviplast. He has lecturing about Pharmaceutical Technology at the University of Barcelona for the last 10 years. He has been an external consultant for several companies and he spent 11 years researching at Viñas laboratories.

Lemus Buhils

Lemus Buhils

International Area

Company specialized in the pharmaceutical consulting sector, settled in ESADECREAPOLIS (Sant Cugat del Vallès).
Provides services of commercial and industrial strategy, internal and external organization.

¿Do you know where to find SaludBox dietary supplements?

Our products are distributed in Europe, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, and China.

¿Do you know our products?

SaludBox presents several kinds of healthy dietary supplements: healthy chewing gums, gummies, and osordispersible tablets. All of SaludBox products are absorbed through the oral route, and produced in an attractive format in order to increase the adherence to treatment. + info about all of our products:

Healthy gummies

Healthy chewing gums

Orodispersible tablets

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